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Corporate Social Responsibility

Since our foundation, it has been our concern as a company to make a contribution to our environment. This applies to the way we interact and work with our employees and stakeholders, but also to the environment in which we operate as a company.

Employees and leadership

Our employees are our greatest asset. As a company, it is particularly important to us to value differences and thereby gain different perspectives. We attach great importance to promoting diversity in our company, regardless of origin, sexual orientation or personal identity.

Flexible working hours

Location independence

Above average remuneration

Advancement of women

Welcome culture

Environment and sustainability

In addition, we compensate the CO2 emissions of our own website and the sites of our customers who host with us. For this purpose, we use software to calculate the environmental impact based on the traffic volume and make a compensation payment for the reforestation of the rainforest. Even if we only make a small contribution, we create awareness within our field of activity and promote responsible action.

Society and social affairs

While the above aspects should be a matter of course, we want to go above and beyond. As a company, we are surrounded by successful businesses and emerging start-ups every day. These are run by people who have often enjoyed an excellent education and in many cases have been advantaged by life. We believe that equal opportunities are an important aspect of a responsible civil society. Especially young people who are born disadvantaged should nevertheless have the opportunity to get the same chances through targeted support. We therefore support the SOS Kinderdorf.

DACCORD donates a fixed amount of 5 Euro per customer and month in which the plan is active to projects of the SOS Children's Village for every customer who has his website maintained by us.