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What is Website as a Service

Website as a Service is a relatively new model. For this reason, we would like to give you an overview here of what Website as a Service (WaaS) is and how you can benefit from it.

The costs and the associated risk factor

When you start a web project, you will usually be asked to pay 50% of the project cost upfront and 50% of the project cost on final delivery, i.e. within 120 days. Even for simpler projects, the initial upfront payment can range from €5,000 to €9,000. Apart from the upfront costs, there is also the risk that your provider will not perform or will not perform on time.

If you choose Website as a Service (WaaS), the initial cost is around €2,000 and when your web project is live you will have spent less than €5,000. The ongoing service contract guarantees that your provider will make every effort to keep you as a customer and maintain your web project over a long period of time.

Your web project has no start date and no end date

Your web project will go live, of course, but this go-live date is by no means the beginning and certainly not the end of your web project. If you have new ideas, new marketing messages, new customer references, product or service updates, they will all find their way into your web project. That's the nature of a service, it only stops when you decide to stop it.

You will be proud of your web project

Very few companies get their design or message right the first time. When you choose a service, you have the guarantee that you can be proud of your web project without being under time or cost pressure if you change your mind about the design or content of the web project.

Your web project can evolve and grow with your business

Your website will never be outdated or look old-fashioned. Whenever you make small or big changes in your company, your website will reflect this. Whatever you share internally with your employees, you also share with your online audience.

Your website may only have a few hundred visitors at first, but as your audience grows to a few thousand per month, the service guarantees that all your customers have the same online experience. You don't have to pay extra as your traffic grows, and you don't have to increase network capacity or change your technology platform as traffic increases. All things that are very common when you approach a web project as a one-off task.

Always up to date with your sales and marketing messages

The Website as a Service model guarantees an updated website with your marketing messages. Anyone who comes into contact with your company will check your website almost immediately afterwards. If the sales or marketing messages on your website do not match the sales and marketing messages in other online or offline channels, you have probably lost a potential new customer.

Always up to date with the technologies used

Modern web technologies and development tools have a tendency to change. The 'as a service' model assures you that the technologies used by the service will evolve as new, more up-to-date development tools are introduced.

A service that is not up to date will see customers leaving in droves and adapt quickly. The technology change will cost you nothing if you stay with the service.

Access to a pool of designers and developers

Freelancers are usually specialised - they are either good designers or good developers, rarely both. This would mean that you need 2 freelancers to do the project effectively. Web agencies are marketing and design oriented and have a small staff of developers in-house. Some of them outsource the development of the web project, giving you little insight into the whole project and the development tools used for your project.

With Websites as a Service (WaaS), you have access to a pool of designers and web developers, on a permanent basis. A service company has web developers who specialise in mobile design, mobile development, UI design, payment gateways and much more. You are no longer dependent on one or two people to do your web project.

Hosting, domain settings, maintenance and uptime

Make sure that you own your domain and that you have access to it at all times. It is your asset and you should be the owner of that asset. All other elements of your website such as hosting, domain setup and maintenance can or even should be outsourced.

Freelancers have a very hard time here, and even web agencies struggle to give you the right answers and the right service. Domain registrars don't care, they want to sell you more services instead of serving you better. In an 'as a service' model, this is part of the service by default and does not add any cost to the service. If the service goes down, it will be restored within minutes. If your self-managed website goes down or is hacked, it may never be restored.

Customer service

Your website is a bunch of code, after all, and sometimes it has bugs or breaks. Maybe not completely, but certain functions can cause errors on your website. Of course, your reputation as a company is at stake. What now?

Freelancers can help you, but you have to negotiate and pay. Your web agency can help you, but the likelihood of them accepting the mistake is minimal - so negotiating and paying can be a tiresome process. In the best case, you have a service contract, call the contractor and the repair can be done.

But don't be fooled, because even in the latter case, it may take some time and require additional payments to complete the repair. With an 'as a service' model, you simply submit a ticket to the helpdesk and your problem will be fixed within a few hours, under your service contract, no questions asked. And you chat, email or talk to people who can deal with your issue immediately.